Adaptive Recreation and Learning Exchange

Serving People with Disabilities

AR&LE is Made up of Two Parts

AR = Adaptive Recreation The cities of Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Edina, and Richfield offer programs specifically designed for people of all ages with disabilities.  Programs include softball, bowling, water aerobics, fitness programs, skiing/snowboarding, golf, as well as a number of social programs for youth and adults.

LE = Learning Exchange  The school districts of Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Edina, and Richfield Community Education Adults with Disabilities programs work together to offer customized classes for adults with developmental and/or physical disabilities.  Classes include cooking, independent living skills, theater and performing arts, health, fitness, and other leisure learning activities.

A Participant Profile is required to participate in AR&LE programs.

Bloomington Adaptive Recreation programming and inclusion services 

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Richfield Adaptive Recreation activities for May through August

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Learning Exchange activities for April through early June

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Bloomington Adaptive Recreation

Matt Colwell, Recreation Coordinator


Jenna Smith, Recreation Supervisor


TTY 952-563-8740

Information about Bloomington Adaptive Recreation

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Eden Prairie Adaptive Recreation

Nicole Weedman, Sr. Recreation Supervisor


MN Relay Service at 711

Information about Eden Prairie Adaptive Recreation

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Edina Adaptive Recreation

Amanda Clarke, Recreation Supervisor


TTY 952-826-0379

Information about Edina Adaptive Recreation

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Richfield Adaptive Recreation

Ann Jindra, Recreation Supervisor


MN Relay Service at 711

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Learning Exchange

Janet Clarke, Learning Exchange Coordinator


MN Relay Service at 711

Information about Learning Exchange

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